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FAO's work with Parliamentarians

Parliamentarians have a critical role to play in ensuring that food security and nutrition remain high on political and legislative agendas.

FAO supports parliamentarians in developing specific national and regional framework laws, accessing technical information and statistics, and exchanging good practices, legal frameworks, public policies and experiences.

Parliamentary Summit

European Parliament

The European Parliament’s strategic role in setting up legal and institutional frameworks and in allocating appropriate resources makes it an important partner for FAO. FAO works on enhancing its collaboration with Parliamentarians across different political families and parliamentary committees.

FAO Brussels collaborates with a number of European Parliament Committees, providing them with updates and analysis to matters within the Organization’s mandate. Among these Committees are the ones on:

Through engaging with AGRI Committee, FAO wishes to further enhance sustainability in agriculture, especially in the fields of livestock farming, fisheries, food systems, forest management, agricultural and food supply, and biodiversity conservation; ultimately transforming agrifood systems into being effectively resilient and sustainable. 

DEVE Committee’s priorities are naturally interlinked with FAO objectives in fighting poverty and ending hunger.. To that end, FAO is committed in continuing its efforts, jointly with the European Parliament, in addressing the root causes of poverty, providing humanitarian support and achieving sustainable development and better livelihoods for all. 

The threefold crisis of climate change, environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity are an existential threat to our world. From our oceans to our forests, nature underpins the world’s food system; provides fresh water; sustains the quality of the air and soils; regulates the climate; provides pollination and pest control; absorbs carbon emissions and reduces the impact of natural hazards.

FAO is committed to work with Parliamentarians for a much-needed transition to a greener economy and provide support for the implementation of the European Green Deal and the Paris agreement in a way that will benefit us all.

Fisheries and aquaculture have the capacity to contribute significantly to improving the well-being of poor and disadvantaged communities in developing countries and to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals: poverty reduction, food security and nutrition, environmental protection and biodiversity.

FAO is committed to strengthening global governance to achieve improved conservation and use of aquatic resources jointly with the European Parliament.

Addressing the triple crisis of energy, food security and conflict is certainly a high priority for the European Parliament and FAO. Amid the growing number of global challenges, AFET Committee provides a platform for FAO to provide information and tools to support policy analyses and assess the impact of war on food security and global agricultural markets.


Evidence shows that the improvement in food and nutrition security is mostly due to policies, programs and frameworks that are anchored in legislation. Parliamentarians play a key role in promoting and approving laws and policies to eradicate hunger and malnutrition.

The European Parliamentary Alliance against Hunger and Malnutrition

The partnership between FAO and the European Parliament was strengthened through a political dialogue and was driven by the shared vision of a better future for all in a world free from hunger and poverty. This dialogue led to the creation of the European Parliamentary Alliance against Hunger and Malnutrition.

The Alliance provides a platform for policy dialogue and awareness raising on the right to adequate food for all, on food insecurity and malnutrition and on transforming our agrifood systems making them MORE efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable.

Through the Alliance, more than 25 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) commit to the fight against hunger and malnutrition at European Union level.

Global Parliamentary Summit against Hunger

The Global Parliamentary Summit against Hunger and Malnutrition seeks to advance political will to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2) at international level. Around two hundred parliamentarians from different countries all over the world joined the Summit in Madrid in October 2018 and affirmed their political commitments on Zero Hunger and malnutrition. Preparations for the 2nd Global Parliamentary Summit against Hunger and Malnutrition, to be held in 2023 in Valparaíso, Chile are currently ongoing.

This publication presents the structural causes of hunger and malnutrition and introduces FAO’s framework of action to achieve a solid political commitment and design long-term legal strategies to achieve Zero Hunger. With successful legislative examples, including constitutional amendments, school feeding laws and family agriculture programmes, the publication shows how parliamentary alliances play a key role in consolidating food and nutritional security.