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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) belong to all of us. But amid resurgent conflict, climate havoc, and social and health crises, we risk losing sight of them. Even so, they represent our best shot at a better future for people and planet. This publication shows how FAO and partners continue to work for the achievement of the SDGs, project by project, field by field, and country by country.
The State of Food and Agriculture 2022 looks into the drivers of agricultural automation, including the more recent digital technologies. Based on 27 case studies, the report analyses the business case for adoption of digital automation technologies in different agricultural production systems across the world. It identifies several barriers preventing inclusive adoption of these technologies, particularly by small-scale producers. Key barriers are low digital literacy and lack of an enabling infrastructure, such as connectivity and access to electricity, in addition to financial constraints. Based on the analysis, the publication suggests policies to ensure that disadvantaged groups in developing regions can benefit from agricultural automation and that automation contributes to sustainable and resilient agrifood systems.
Did you know that FAO established 65 years ago a commission to promote sustainable inland fisheries in Europe? Today the European Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Advisory Commission (EIFAAC) consists of 33 Member countries and the European Union. EIFAAC has proven its use in generating advice for policy makers and managers in inland fisheries and aquaculture. This new brochure shows you EIFAAC’s work and its capacity to bring together fisheries scientists and managers from all over Europe.  
This summary is based on 'A review of the impacts of crop production on the soil microbiome: Innovations and policy recommendations to address environmental degradation, climate change and human health', produced by the informal FAO microbiome working group. The review makes clear that the soil microbiome plays a pivotal role in ecosystem health, agroecosystems, and the climate system. The review is among the first of several publications by the group that will address different microbiome ecosystems and their relatively underexplored potential to alleviate global problems.
Fish: Know it, cook it, eat it is a different kind of cookbook. Popular recipes from dozens of countries are complemented by dishes from celebrated chefs. But this is also a journey through fish and shellfish culture, science and trade; an insight into ocean governance and sustainability concerns; and an encounter with fish through playful “interviews” that challenge specist approaches.
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