FAO Capacity Development

Capacity Development
is at the heart of FAO's mandate. 

In FAO’s view, Member Countries lead and manage their own development process, while FAO supports them in this endeavour by strengthening their capacities to achieve their own goals in food security, nutrition and agricultural development. 

FAO targets its capacity development support at individual, organization and policy level. 

FAO capacity development learning modules
Learning opportunities at FAO on capacity development
Practical tools on good capacity development practices
FAO's full range of e-learning courses

Capacity development in action

FAO promotes gender equity and improved governance in producer organizations to enhance their representation and participation in policy processes at national and sub-national levels
Producer organizations (POs) are recognized by governments in Africa as an important partner in the fight against poverty and malnutrition. POs enable small-scale producers (e.g. farmers, fisherpeople) to have better [...]
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