About the HLPE 

    The High Level Panel of Experts (HLPE) on food security and nutrition was established as part of the 2009 reform of the international governance of food security, to advise the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) which is the foremost intergovernmental and international platform dealing with food security and nutrition.

    In 2009, the Committee on World Food Security went through a reform to make it more effective by including a wider group of stakeholders and increasing its ability to promote policies that reduce food insecurity. An important part of this reform was the creation of the HLPE to keep CFS up to date with world wide knowledge and abreast of emerging trends in food security. The HLPE should lead to more informed policy debates and improve the quality, effectiveness and coherence of food security and nutrition policies from local to international levels.

    Key functions of the HLPE

    As directed by the CFS Plenary and Bureau, the HLPE will:

    • Assess and analyze the current state of food security and nutrition and its underlying causes.
    • Provide scientific and knowledge-based analysis and advice on specific policy-relevant issues, utilizing existing high quality research, data and technical studies.
    • Identify emerging issues, and help members prioritize future actions and attentions on key focal areas.

    Structure of the HLPE

    • A Steering Committee composed of 15 internationally recognized experts in a variety of food security and nutrition related fields.
    • Project Teams acting on a project specific basis, selected and managed by the StC to analyze/report on specific issues.

    Description of the HLPE Project Cycle

    The following flowchart describes the HLPE project cycle.

    The list of all the HLPE reviewers is available here.