Launch of the HLPE Report #10 - Documents Available!

    14/07/2016 -

    Documents of the launch of the HLPE Report on Sustainable agricultural development for FSN: what roles for livestock? (1 July 2016 @ 9.30 Red Room, FAO HQ) are now available:

    Webcast of the event -- Photos of the event

    Opening statement from the Chair of CFS, H.E. Amb. Amira Gornass

    Opening statement from the Chair of the HLPE, Dr Patrick Caron

    Slides of the presentation of the report by the HLPE Project Team Leader, Dr Wilfrid Legg

    Closing statement from the Chair of CFS, H.E. Amb. Amira Gornass

    The HLPE Report #10 - Sustainable agricultural development for food security and nutrition: what roles for livestock? can be downloaded here in English.

    Summary and Recommendations are also available in all the languages: [AR] - [CH] - [EN] - [ES] - [FR] - [RU]

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