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    Critical and Emerging Issues Open Inquiry - Extended until 2 December 2016!

    An open inquiry on Critical and Emerging Issues in the area of food security is running until 2 December 2016! Download the questionnaire and participate!

    [Original dates: 6 August - 6 October 2016]

    [First extension to 31st October 2016]

    International Colloquium - 27 September 2016 / Hohenheim

    The HLPE and the University of Hohenheim join forces for an international Colloquium to discuss SDG 2 and Critical and Emerging issues in the area of Food Security and Nutrition!

    Launch of the HLPE Report #10 - Documents Available!

    The HLPE launched its 10th report in FAO HQ (Red Room) the 1st July 2016 @ 9.30.

    Documents of the event are now available, including the video recording of the session!

    Launch of the HLPE Report #10 - 1 July 2016

    The HLPE launches its 10th report in FAO HQ (Red Room) the 1 July 2016 @ 9.30. Everyone is invited!

    EXTENSION - Sustainable forestry for food security and nutrition - Draft V0

    The eConsultation on the Draft V0 of the Report is now open.

    EXTENDED UNTIL 18 July 2016!

    (Original dates: 31 May - 4 July 2016).


    Outcomes of the joint seminar HLPE / Columbia University of May 2016 are now available!

    Nutrition and Food Systems - Team Appointed

    The HLPE Project Team on Nutrition and Food Systems has been appointed.

    Read their bios here!


    SAVE THE DATE - [5 May 2016] - International Seminar HLPE/Columbia University


    The results (Synthesis + Full Proceedings) of the eConsultation on the Issues Note of the Study on Nutrition and Food Systems are now available.


    Call for candidatures for the HLPE Study on Nutrition and food systems is now open!