Biofuels and food security

    Report elaboration process and related documents

    You can find in this page all the elements and documents relevant to the elaboration of this report, according to the different steps of the HLPE process (click here for a flowchart of the HLPE process for the HLPE studies).

    1) Elaboration of the request by CFS (October 2011)

    • See the CFS 37 Final Report (paragraph V, C, 50i) for discussions at CFS 37 on the issue of Biofuels and food security and the mandate received by the HLPE from the CFS;

    2) Open call for candidatures for the Project Team selection (27 March - 13 May 2012)

    3) Scoping consultation (8-28 May 2012):

    4) Project Team appointment by the HLPE Steering Committee (5 September 2012)

    5) Kick-off meeting of the Project Team (25-27 September 2012)

    6) Production and release of a V0 Draft by the Project Team (9 January 2013)

    7) Electronic open consultation on the V0 Draft (9 January - 11 February 2013):

    8) Write-up meeting of the Project Team (20-22 February 2013)

    9) Production of V1 Draft by the Project Team (March 2013)

    10) V1 Draft submitted to external review to eminent anonymous peers (18 March - 1 April 2013)

    11) Production of V2 (post-review) by the Project Team (April 2013)

    12) Finalization of report and submission to the Steering Committee (May 2013)

    13) Meeting of the Steering Committee and approval of the report (13-17 May 2013)

    14) Publication of the Report in English

    15) Launch of the Report in FAO Headquarters, 26 June 2013

    16) Translations in all languages available [AR, CH, EN, ES, FR, RU]

    17) Presentation at CFS 40. Read the opening statement from the HLPE Chairperson. See also the CFS 40 Final Report and all session documents for reference. Further information at the CFS 40 webpage.


    The HLPE warmly thanks all the participants having contributed with very valuable inputs and comments to the two open electronic consultations, first on a proposed scope of the study, and second, on an advanced draft (V0) of this report. The full list of participants can be found here.

    The HLPE also acknowledges the important feedback received from the anonymous peer-reviewers on a pre-final draft of this report.