2nd HLPE Steering Committee (2013-2015)

The following 15 world-renowned experts have been appointed by the Bureau of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) to serve as members of the Steering Committee of the HLPE, starting from 12 October 2013 (after closure of CFS 40 plenary) until the closure of the CFS 42 Plenary (2015).

Chairperson of the HLPE Steering Committee, Mr Per Pinstrup-Andersen (Denmark)

Vice-Chairperson of the HLPE Steering Committee, Ms Maryam Rahmanian (Iran)

Steering Committee members: Mr Amadou Allahoury (Niger); Ms Marion Guillou (France); Ms Sheryl Hendriks (South Africa); Ms Joanna Hewitt (Australia); Mr Masa Iwanaga (Japan); Ms Carol Kalafatic (USA); Mr Bernardo Kliksberg (Argentina); Mr Renato Maluf (Brazil); Ms Sophia Murphy (Canada); Ms Ruth Oniang’o (Kenya); Mr Michel Pimbert (UK); Ms Magdalena Sepúlveda (Chile); Mr Huajun Tang (China).

Download the short bios of the HLPE StC members here!

HLPE Steering Committee members participate in their individual capacities and not as representatives of their respective governments institutions or organizations.

Group photo during the HLPE StC meeting in Rome (28-30 October 2013, FAO HQ)

FAO HQ, 28 October 2013 ©FAO/Giulio Napolitano

From left to right:
Mr Huajun Tang (China); Mr Amadou Allahoury (Niger); Ms Joanna Hewitt (Australia); Ms Sophia Murphy (Canada); Ms Carol Kalafatic (USA); Ms Marion Guillou (France); Mr Per Pinstrup-Andersen; Chairperson (Denmark); Ms Magdalena Sepúlveda (Chile); Mr Renato Maluf (Brazil); Mr Masa Iwanaga (Japan); Mr Michel Pimbert (UK); Ms Maryam Rahmanian, Vice-Chairperson (Iran); Ms Sheryl Hendriks (South Africa), Steering Committee members. Vincent Gitz (HLPE Coordinator), Secretariat. Not in picture: Mr Bernardo Kliksberg (Argentina) and Ms Ruth Oniang’o (Kenya), Steering Committee members.

Information on the former HLPE Steering Committee members (2010-2013) can be found here.