HLPE Steering Committee

The following 15 world-renowned experts were appointed by the Bureau of the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS) to serve as members of the Steering Committee of the HLPE, from the closure of CFS 46 Plenary session (18 October 2019) until the closure of the CFS 49 Plenary session (October 2021).

Chairperson of the HLPE Steering Committee, Mr Martin Cole (Australia)

Vice-Chairperson of the HLPE Steering Committee, Bernard Lehmann, (Switzerland)

Steering Committee members: Ms Barbara Burlingame (New-Zealand); Ms Jennifer Clapp (Canada); Mr Mahmoud El Solh (Lebanon); Ms Mária Kadlečíková (Slovakia); Mr Li Xiande (China); Ms Bancy Mbura Mati (Kenya); Mr William Moseley (United States of America); Ms Nitya Rao (India); Mr Thomas Rosswall (Sweden); Mr Daniel Sarpong (Ghana); Mr Kamil Shideed (Iraq); Mr José María Sumpsi Viñas (Spain); Ms Shakuntala Thilsted (Trinidad and Tobago).

Download the short bios of the HLPE StC members here

HLPE Steering Committee members participate in their individual capacities and not as representatives of their respective governments institutions or organizations.

Group photo during the HLPE StC meeting in Rome (November 2019, FAO HQ)

From left to right: Bancy Mbura Mati - Barbara Burlingame - José María Sumpsi Viñas - Daniel Sarpong - Bernard Lehmann - Mária Kadlečíková - Shakuntala Thilsted - Mahmoud El Solh - Thomas Rosswall - Martin Cole - Li Xiande - Nitya Rao - Kamil Shideed - William Moseley - Jennifer Clapp



Information on previous HLPE Steering Committees: