Multi-Year Programme of Work

CFS aims at eliminating hunger and malnutrition through improved policy convergence/coherence at global level, which leads to strengthened actions at national and regional levels. To this end, and based on the indications provided in Annex B of the CFS Evaluation Implementation Report, the Committee has set-up a structured, inclusive and efficient process to be able to effectively identify and address those issues of highest relevance to global food security and nutrition.
Following the adoption of the CFS MYPoW 2018 - 2019 in 2017, CFS stakeholders are currently working on the preparation of the MYPoW for the period 2020-2023 which will be presented for endorsement by the CFS Plenary in October 2019.
The new MYPoW will clearly articulate how its policy convergence and coherence efforts contribute to supporting Members and other stakeholders address the challenges of implementing the 2030 Agenda. Furthermore, the Committee agreed that all activities in the new MYPoW will be designed, planned and implemented to promote:

  • resilience of livelihoods;
  • attention to the people most affected by food insecurity and malnutrition;
  • a multi-sectoral inclusive and participatory approach;
  • evidence-based decision-making;
  • environmental, economic and social sustainability;
  • gender equality, women’s and girls’ rights and women's empowerment in the context of food security and nutrition.

At the same time, the 2020-2023 MYPoW is expected to be feasible and take into account resource availability, workload and the resource mobilization potential.