Organized by CFS and FAO Regional Office for the Near East and North Africa

The Near East and North Africa Region

CFS Regional Multi-stakeholder Food Security and Nutrition Workshop

Amman, Jordan, April 28-29, 2015

Final Report: English

Press release 28 April 2015:  English | Arabic

Building on the experience of the past RNE Regional Multi-stakeholder Workshops on Food Security and Nutrition - Cairo (2011), Khartoum (2012), and Tunis (2013) - this year’s workshop will focus on three main objectives:

1) Strengthening regional and global linkages around key food security and nutrition policy issues of relevance to the Near East and North African region:

  • Addressing food security and nutrition in protracted crises;
  • Promoting responsible investment in agriculture and food systems;
  • Addressing food losses and waste.

2) Facilitating regional multi-stakeholder partnerships and networks.

3) Reflecting around the outcomes of previous Workshops and discussing the way forward.

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Day 1: 28 April


Structure and processes of the Regional Coordination Mechanism, Thematic Working Group on FSN

Chair: Wadid Erian, LAS

Introduction: Mohamed Aw-Dahir, FAO/RNE and Chair of the TWG - Presentation


  • Socio-economic Implications of Conflict: Vito Intini, ESCWA
  • Population Migration, Displacements and Refugees: Tayyar Sukru Cansizoglu, UNHCR -  Presentation
  • FSN Implications of Conflict on Host Nations: Naji Haddad, Ministry of Agriculture -  Presentation
  • CSO Perspectives from Conflicts in the region: Razan Zuayter, Arab Group for the Protection of Nature
  • The role of social protection in reducing vulnerability and building resilience: Carlo Scaramella, WFP - Presentation
  • CSO Perspectives from Conflicts in the region: Razan Zuayter, Arab Group for the Protection of Nature - Statement

Towards a framework for action for food security and nutrition in protracted crises

Chair: Vito Intini, ESCWA

Introduction: Outline and status of the CFS-FFA,Julius Jackson, CFS Secretariat -  Presentation


  • FSN in Emergencies: Rasmus Egendal, WFP
  • Support to FSN policies and programing: The role of Food Security Information Systems: Suleiman Mohamed, FSIS Yemen - Presentation and Yemen FSIS-Sample FS Updates
  • Monitoring Food Security and Nutrition: Arab Spatial Initiative, Perrihan Al-Riffai and Clemens Breisinger -  IFPRI Arab Spatial launch
  • Markets and Supply Chains in Times of Conflict, Perspective of cross-border trader: Maher Al-Mahrouq, Jordan Industry Chamber

Day 2: 29 April

The FAO/WHO Second International Conference on Nutrition: From Commitments to Actions

  • The ICN2 Framework for Action: Fatima Hachem, FAO/RNE - Presentation
  • Multisectoral interventions to address malnutrition: Michele Doura, WFP - Presentation
  • Sustainable Production and Sustainable Consumption: Najib Saab, AFED - Presentation
  • Follow-up to ICN2: The Case of Egypt: Akila Saleh, FSIC - Presentation

Implementing the Principles for Responsible Investment in Agriculture and Food Systems


  • Brief overview of the Principles, and outcomes of the kick-start event in Rome: Elizabeth Beal, CFS Secretariat - Presentation
  • Experience from Sudan: Salih Hussein, National Agricultural Investment Plan - Presentation

Food Losses and Waste Reduction in the region

Chair: Anthony Bennett, FAO

Opening remarks: Gerda Verburg, Chair, CFS on the main findings of the CFS High Level Panel of Experts report and key policy recommendations from CFS 41

  • Regional Strategy for FLW reduction in the Near East and North Africa, achievements since Tunis 2013: Abdessalam Ould Ahmed, Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative, FAO/RNE- Presentation
  • Food Losses and Waste in RNE countries: Progress on the Regional Strategy:
    • Experience from Morocco: Mohamed Boughlala, Centre Régional de la Recherche Agronomique - Presentation
    • Experience from Tunisia: Amira Ben Mosbah Sfaxi, Pôle de Compétitivité de Bizerte - Presentation

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