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Making a difference in food security and nutrition

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Rome, 11 - 14 & 16 October 2010

36th Session Presentations (available in Engish only)

Agenda Item III - State of Food Insecurity (2010)

Agenda Item IV Global developments relevant to food security and nutrition:

Agenda Item V Regional Initiatives:



Asia and South West Pacific:

Latin America and the Caribbean:

Near East:

Agenda Item VII - National Iniatiatives for Food Security and Nutrition - Case Studies

Agenda Item VIII Policy Roundtables

Food Security in Protracted Crises

Land Tenure and International Investment in Agriculture

Managing Vulnerability and Risk

Agenda Item IX Global Coordination for food security and nutrition in support of national processes

Agenda Items VII and VIII Part two

Reporting on Country Case Studies:

Reporting on Policy Round Tables

Agenda Item X

  Programme of Work and Budget for CFS 2010-2013

The opening morning of CFS (9.30 - 12.30 CET) was webcast live and can be seen at this link


Side Event Presentations

Forum of Global Associations of Regions (FOGAR)

  Anna Lisa Boni: Action plan for the development of regional actions and decentralized cooperation on food security

  Les projets de securite alimentaire dans le nord du Burkina Faso: quel role du Conseil Regional?

WOCAN (Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resources)

  Gertrude Kenyangi, Director of SWAGEN (Support for Women in Agriculture and Environment), Uganda

  Ambassador Patricia Haslach, Deputy Coordinator for Diplomacy of the U.S. State Department, Women Leaders' Dialogue on Investment in Agriculture

Responses to Food Price Volatility organized by FAO

  Carmel Cahill, Volatility in agricultural commodity markets:  Towards some policy responses

  The MOMAGRI analysis, Agricultural Market Volatility: Causes and impacts

  Sophia Murphy, Grain Reserves, Volatility and the WTO

"Food for Cities"


  Statement from the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food (French)

  Local Authorities in Action for Food Security

CFS 36 Final Report

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