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FAO, Rome, 17 - 22 October 2011

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CFS 37 presentations and photos (where available)

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Setting the Stage for CFS 37

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Updates on Global and Regional Initiatives and Linkages with CFS

This agenda item is intended to provide a platform for discussion to strengthen coordination and collaborative actions at the global and regional level amongst a wide variety of stakeholders.




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Policy Roundtables

This session aims to support the Committee’s role to promote greater policy convergence and coordination. This includes the development of international strategies and voluntary guidelines on food security and nutrition on the basis of best practices, lessons learned from local experience, inputs received from the national and regional levels, and expert advice and opinions from different stakeholders.

The objective of the Policy Round Tables is to arrive at concrete recommendations for consideration by the Committee. Invited panellists presented their perspectives on the topic, followed by an open discussion with a view to the formulation of actionable recommendations for approval. Key findings and recommendations from each policy round table were presented by a Rapporteur in Plenary.

How to Increase Food Security and Smallholder-Sensitive Investment in Agriculture

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Gender, Food Security and Nutrition

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Food Price Volatiilty

  • Eric Allain General Director for Agriculture - Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development and Territorial Planning, France (Chair)
  • Ken Ash Director of Trade and Agriculture - OECD
  • Ibrahima Coulibaly President - Coordination Nationale des Organisations Paysannes, Mali
  • Romeo Recide, Department of Agriculture, Philippines
  • Romeo Recide Assistant Secretary, Department of Agriculture, Philippines
  • Tim Andriesen Managing Director, Agricultural Commodities, CME Group
  • Benoit Daviron HLPE Team Leader


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Global Coordination and Support for National Processes

In this session the Committee addressed ways to strengthen collaborative action, improve coordination and guide synchronized action among a wide ranging group of stakeholders.


Mapping Food Security and Nutrition Actions at Country Level – The Way Forward

Consider the process to map food security and nutrition actions at country level including the outcome of the technical consultative workshop with concerned stakeholders and a review of existing systems, tools and practices

Be presented with specific country case studies highlighting experiences of mapping food security and nutrition actions

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Other Matters

Be updated on the implementation of decisions taken by CFS 36.

Consider the outcome of the round table held to review the methods to estimate the number of hungry

Pietro Gennari: Roundtable on Measuring Food Security: Main outcomes and recommendations

Kostas Stamoulis: Organization of a High-Level Expert Forum on Protracted Crises

CFS 37 Final Report

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