Committee on World Food Security

Making a difference in food security and nutrition

Annual Report 2021

This Annual Report provides an overview of key activities carried out in the intersessional period from January 2021 to December 2021. It includes progress made on decisions and recommendations of the 47th CFS Plenary Session (CFS 47) in February 2021, the 48th Special CFS Plenary Session (CFS 48) in June 2021, and the 49th CFS Plenary Session (CFS 49) in October 2021. It also highlights updates on our main workstreams ranging from food systems and nutrition to innovations including agroecology and work on gender, youth and inequalities. It covers outreach work by the CFS Chair, supported by the Secretariat, and in close collaboration with our partners to drive the uptake of CFS policy guidelines at the national and regional levels. communication and outreach, budget, resource mobilization.