Committee on World Food Security

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15 July 2022 | Closing remarks by CFS Chair at the HLPF Side Event 2022 "Food System Transformations as 2030 Agenda Accelerators"

15 Jul 2022

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Thank you, Stefanos.

I shall be brief.

I wish to conclude this event with a message of hope and optimism.

I have listened carefully to the extraordinary leadership of national governments to strive for building sustainable and inclusive food systems.

This is not easy. It has trade-offs and requires political, social, financial and knowledge capital.

The participation of farmers, of indigenous peoples, communities, local authorities, parliamentarians, businesses, SMEs, workers, cooperatives, unions, universities… together with national governments is the surest pathway to the SDGs.

This is happening in many countries, developing and developed countries alike. The UN System is working in a coordinated fashion, in countries and with the Hub. The CFS is providing a space for all to connect, share, learn and agree on global policy guidance.

We are already harnessing the full potential of framing our national strategies for achieving SDG 2 within our 2030 Agenda and climate strategies, in an integrated manner.

Guided by national SDGs strategies, Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPAs), country-led food systems pathways have the potential to accelerate progress in all dimensions of sustainable development, for people and the planet, leaving no one behind.

Dear colleagues,

The CFS platform is open for everyone to connect, to create synergies, and to converge on policies for making progress on SDG2, as well as the rest of the SDGs.

To conclude, let me say that today’s joint event of the Hub and the CFS, is an anticipation of a Special Event that the CFS and Hub will organize in Rome, during the CFS 50 plenary, in October, to present your National Pathways and national strategies, learn from each other and to connect with resource and technical partners. If any country would be interested in taking part in the Special Event, I encourage you to reach out to us.

Thank you all