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New UN Policy Recommendations to Boost Youth Engagement in Agriculture Endorsed.

12 Oct 2022

Rome, 12 October 2021 –  The Committee on World Food Security (CFS), today endorsed Policy Recommendations on Promoting Youth Engagement and Employment in Agriculture and Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition during the 50th Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS 50).

Welcoming the endorsement of the policy recommendations, Ambassador Gabriel Ferrero, CFS Chairperson said: “In a moment of global crisis, solutions will come from young people. These policy recommendations will serve as an ambitious and action-oriented policy tool to empower young people in agriculture and food systems enabling them to take the future into their own hands.”

Developed in an inclusive manner with diverse voices - including the youth, the policy recommendations are designed to be tools and resources for use in shaping national policies, investment plan, legislations and development programmes that include the youth and respond to their needs.

Ambassador Pio Wennubst of Switzerland who chaired the process of their development said: “It is a collective effort that brought us here today.”  He further noted that endorsement of the policy recommendations delivers the message of hope we need especially at a time when the world is facing unprecedented global crisis.

The policy recommendations emphasize that while young people are critical to promoting sustainable food systems, they face many challenges that hamper their engagement and employment in agriculture. Some of these challenges limited access to and control over land, natural resources, infrastructure, markets, insurance, finance, technology, knowledge and skills, as well as limited participation in decision- making processes.

In addition, poor remuneration, income uncertainty, exposure to risks and low social recognition for agricultural and food workers turn many of them away from agriculture and rural areas.

Based on a report by the scientific inputs of the CFS High-Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (HLPE-FSN), the policy recommendation outlines the following five actions to address these challenges :

  1. Provide an enabling environment for youth engagement and employment in agriculture and food systems;
  2. Secure dignified, attractive and rewarding livelihoods for youth;
  3. increase equitable access of youth to resources, infrastructure and markets;
  4. Enhance equitable access to knowledge, educations and skills of youth; and
  5. Foster sustainable and inclusive innovations for youth.

“Food systems of the future, that deliver health diets and decent jobs will be achieved through actions by the youth, for the youth and with the youth. This is what the policy recommendations aim to achieve,” added Mr Ferrero.





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