Committee on World Food Security

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Bureau and Advisory Group Meetings 2021


BurAG/2021/07/29/00 - Provisional Agenda

CFS 49 Draft Decisions and Conclusions

BurAG/2021/07/29/02 - Workstream Updates

BurAG/2021/07/29/03 - CFS and UNFSS


BurAG/2021/06/28/00 - Provisional Agenda

BurAG/2021/06/28/02 - CFS 49 Final Report Preparation Guide

BurAG/2021/06/28/03 - CFS Workstream updates

Informational Note for the CFS - Food Systems Game Changers Lab: Post-Summit Engagement Opportunities


BurAG/2021/05/20/00/Rev.1 - Provisional Agenda

BurAG/2021/04/06/03/Rev.1 - CFS 49 Draft Timetable

BurAG/2021/04/06/02/Rev.1 - CFS 48 – Draft decision on Agroecological and Other Innovative Approaches

BurAG/2021/05/20/02 - UN Food Systems Summit

BurAG/2021/05/20/03 - CFS Worksream Updates



BurAG/2021/04/06/00 - Provisional Agenda

BurAG/2021/04/06/02 - CFS 48 Draft decision on Agroecological and Other Innovative Approaches

BurAG/2021/04/06/03 - CFS 49 Draft Timetable

BurAG/2021/04/06/04 - Informal OEWG Meeting on Effectiveness of CFS

BurAG/2021/04/06/06a - CFS Budget

BurAG/2021/04/06/06b - CFS Work-streams updates

Reference Documents:

Aide-mémoire - OECD Work on Food Systems

Presentation - How is OECD influencing policy transformation efforts?

Report - Making Better Policies for Food Systems



BurAG/2021/03/04/00 - Provisional Agenda

BurAG/2021/03/04/01 - CFS 48 Provisional Agenda

BurAG/2021/03/04/02 - CFS input to the HLPF 2021

BurAG/2021/03/04/03 - Monitoring CFS policy recommendations on water and climate change

BurAG/2021/03/04/04 - Impact assessment working group

BurAG/2021/03/04/05/Rev.1 - Advisory Group Reporting Exercise

Draft CFS Contributions to 2021 HLPF - Inputs received

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BurAG/2021/01/11/00 - Provisional Agenda
BurAG/2020/01/28/01a/Rev2 - CFS 47 Agenda and Timetable
BurAG/2021/01/11/02 - Workstream Updates
BurAG/2021/01/11/03 - CFS Input to HLPF 2021