National Focal Points contact

National focal points/coordinators are nominated by governments. They are crucial for coordinating and facilitating the preparation of country reports, the implementation of the Commission’s action plans and decisions and for monitoring the implementation and reporting back to the Commission.

Terms of reference for National Focal Points to the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Model terms of reference of the National Focal Points for plant, aquatic and forest genetic resources and for biodiversity for food and agriculture and the National Coordinators for animal genetic resources for food and agriculture

Country Region Member since
Japan Asia 18.02.1991
Jordan Near East 12.04.1989
Kazakhstan Asia 04.07.2001
Kenya Africa 07.03.1985
Kuwait Near East 08.11.2004
Kyrgyzstan Near East 22.04.2009
Lao People's Democratic Republic Asia 23.06.2011
Latvia Europe 06.04.1995
Lebanon Near East 07.03.1991
Lesotho Africa 10.04.1995
Liberia Africa 05.03.1985
Libya Near East 18.02.1985
Lithuania Europe 10.03.1993
Luxembourg Europe 08.10.2002
Madagascar Africa 16.03.1987
Malawi Africa 20.06.1995
Malaysia Asia 05.01.1993
Maldives Asia 21.12.1994
Mali Africa 16.03.1985
Malta Europe 04.08.1992
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