Other subsidiary bodies

The Commission may also establish subsidiary bodies, other than sectoral working groups, as it may deem necessary for the effective discharge of its functions.

In 2011, the Commission decided to establish an Ad Hoc Technical Working Group on Access and Benefit-sharing for Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture which, according to its terms of reference, held one session. In 2013, the Ad Hoc Working Group was replaced by a Team of Technical and Legal Experts on Access and Benefit-sharing (ABS Expert Team), which consists of up to two experts from each region. The ABS Expert Team prepared, inter aliaElements to Facilitate Domestic Implementation of Access and Benefit-sharing for Different Subsectors of Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ABS Elements), welcomed by the Commission and the FAO Conference in 2015. 

Team of Technical and Legal Experts of Access and Benefit-sharing Meetings