Webinar: A Global Plan of Action for Aquatic Genetic Resources: An introduction to AquaGRIS, a new global information system


WED 12TH OCT 2022
7:00 - 9:00PM(EAT)

FAO is developing a range of resources to support its Members to enhance the management of their aquatic genetic resources (AqGR) including the Aquatic Genetic Resources Information System (AquaGRIS), the first global information system of its kind. AquaGRIS aims to collect information on aquaculture species and their related farmed types and wild relatives (wild stocks) which can be used in support of countries and stakeholders to monitor the status of conservation, sustainable use and development of these resources. 

A prototype of AquaGRIS was launched in May 2022, on the occasion of the International Biodiversity Day, and a fully functional version will be released in 2023. AquaGRIS will also serve as a tool to measure countries’ progress in implementing the Global Plan of Action for AqGR, a broad policy framework developed in consultation with FAO Members and recently adopted by the FAO Council.

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