Survey invitation: Taking stock of initiatives, policies and instruments for the sustainable use and conservation of pollinators

FAO’s Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture addresses issues related to the management of biodiversity of relevance to food and agriculture, including invertebrate pollinators. In view of raising awareness of the importance of pollinators, promoting their uptake in projects and policies and strengthening potential collaboration between FAO and relevant organizations and initiatives, we would like to take stock of all pollinator-related activities and policies, ongoing or under development, around the world on invertebrate pollinators and/or pollination. If you know of, are a part of or are working on any aspect of invertebrate pollinators, we encourage you to complete the survey (it will take you only few minutes) and also bring it to the attention of your colleagues.


The survey is accessible at the following link and should be completed by 22 March 2021: