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Sustainable and resilient agri-food systems and green spaces for better African cities

From 28/09/2021 To 28/09/2021
Location: Zoom

African Climate Week – FAO side event 28.09.2021

Watch the event here


The Africa Climate Week (ACW) 2021 is the African virtual forum to debate, exchange and explore climate challenges and opportunities in the region. It presented ambitious solutions and gave the chance to regional stakeholders to have their voices heard and to contribute to COP26.

On this occasion, FAO and a number of African municipalities discussed how the integrated approach of forestry, agriculture and food at urban level can speed up progress to increase cities’ resilience and the well-being of city dwellers.

This is the goal of the FAO Green Cities Initiative. To help national and local authorities in addressing the challenges of urban sustainability, the FAO Green Cities Initiative (GCI) focuses on improving the urban environment, strengthening urban-rural linkages and the resilience of urban systems, services and populations to external shocks. In particular the GCI proposes cities to adopt integrated approach in designing, planning and implementing actions in urban and peri-urban agriculture, forestry and food systems.

FAO support focused on innovation and green technologies to increase availability and access to green spaces, to promote sustainable food production and consumption, improved food distribution systems and food environments, improved food and water waste management and how to bring this all together through integrated urban and territorial planning, strengthening rural urban linkages.

Via a panel discussion, the session aimed to share inspiring insights into African cities in line with the Green Cities Initiative, and stimulate a discussion on challenges and solutions to promote green and resilient cities.

Notably, this session showcased how municipalities, connecting and addressing forestry, agriculture and food together, can build resilience to climate and pandemic risks.

The purpose was to present how integrated urban and territorial planning and actions as well as multi-stakeholder Governance are essential to promoting green and resilient cities.

In 2021 the year of COP26 and the UN Food System Summit, this session revealed how African cities are committed to making their voices heard. 

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