Изменение климата

В этом разделе содержится информация о том, как ФАО помогает странам оценить, какие политические, технические и финансовые механизмы им необходимо создать для того, чтобы обеспечить учет фактора изменения климата при ведении сельского, лесного и рыбного хозяйства. Это создаст основу для перехода к устойчивому развитию сельского хозяйства.

Climate finance for agricultural development

Being able to respond to the impacts of climate change will require a paradigm shift from an input intensive approach to more sustainable and resilient food systems. This change has a cost – a cost that poor farmers, fisherfolk, foresters, and indigenous communities, especially in developing countries, cannot pay alone.

For many countries, learning how to access and effectively use international financing options represents the first step in the long-term transition to climate-resilient development pathways.

FAO helps look into what it takes for countries to put in place the necessary policy, technical and financial means to mainstream climate change considerations into agriculture, forestry and fisheries and provide the basis to shift to sustainable agriculture development.

The current dynamics in international climate finance offer opportunities to invest in sustainable agriculture with potential to use international financing and turn public and private agriculture investments into sound climate-proof investments.