Climate Change

UN Climate Change Conference (COP22)

      Agriculture & Food Security Action Event  
16th November 

This event is aimed at fast-tracking small-scale farmers’ adaptation to climate change and improving food security. Discussions will focus on making the agriculture sector –  unrivalled in its potential to simultaneously address poverty, hunger and climate change – more productive, sustainable and climate resilient.

The opening panel with inspiring key messages from high-level representatives will be followed by the presentation of three new initiatives by the Kingdom of Morocco, FAO and Milan Urban Food Policy Pact and endorsement by high-level personalities. Two high-level panels will highlight ongoing initiatives and the policy options for action.


  • To provide an update on existing initiatives and highlight three new initiatives to unlock ambition on adaptation of agriculture to climate change for food security.
  • To position the agricultural sector as a key opportunity for climate actions to tackle challenges pertaining both to climate change and to SDGs, while contributing to socio-economic development, food security, gender equality, conservation of natural resources and integrity of ecosystems.
  • Specific attention will be given to knowledge sharing and extension through public-private partnerships and south-south cooperation, capacity development in accessing climate finance and reinforcing institutions.

Agriculture and Food Security Action Event from IISD Reporting Services / ENV on Vimeo.

Climate resilience for food security and zero hunger from IISD Reporting Services / ENV on Vimeo.


  • Government of Morocco
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations