Climate Change

United Nations Climate Change Conference, Cancun 2010

FAO will support countries during the upcoming 16th session of the Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP16) to be held from 29 November to 10 December 2010 in Cancun, Mexico to ensure that linkages between climate change and food security issues are taken into account during the Conference. 

FAO side event at COP16

3 December 2010

Is climate-smart agriculture possible

Águila Room, Cancun Messe

Presentations by countries will showcase approaches to climate-smart agriculture – agriculture that sustainably increases productivity, resilience (adaptation), reduces/removes GHGs (mitigation), and enhances achievement of national food security and development goals. 

Side events with FAO participation

30 November 2010

Systematic climate observations for the UNFCCC

Sandia Room, Cancun Messe 

Climate observations underpin virtually all of the work of the UNFCCC. This side event highlights progress in improving systematic observation and underscores the deficiencies that remain, as identified by the principal organizations responsible for facilitating improvements. 

1 December 2010

Capacity development as a driver of low-emission, climate-resilient development

Águila Room, Cancun MesseThe side event will present the UN's approach, experience and readiness to support capacity development to address climate change. Speakers will share practical examples and lessons learnt from areas such as adaptation, mitigation, REDD and finance, and discuss the one UN experience of capacity support. 

Climate Services for All

Jaguar Room, Cancun Messe 

This side event showcases the progress in the development of the "Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS)" which guides the development of climate services for all to adapt and mitigate climate change and for climate-risk. 
Download the brochure Climate Services for Food and Agriculture

2 December 2010

Delivering as One: Achievements and lessons learned from REDD+ readiness activities

Mamey Room, Cancun Messe 

As countries' REDD+ readiness activities advance, it is vital to assess achievements and lessons learnt for future progress. FAO, UNDP and UNEP will convene with stakeholders to reflect on what the UN-REDD Programme's work has achieved to date and explore ways to build on this momentum. 

European Space Agency's (ESA) climate change initiative

Monarca Room, Cancun Messe 

ESA will inform on a major European initiative on space-based observations for GCOS. Long-term satellite data provides a unique global record of recent climate change which, with in-situ data and climate models, underpins scientific understanding of climate change and informs adaptation policies. 

Living up to the education challenge of Article 6: Preparing young people for climate change

Jaguar Room, Cancun Messe 

This event will facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practices in climate change education, including informal and peer education. 

6 December 2010

Enabling agriculture and forestry to contribute to climate change responses

Cancún Messe Drawing on the outcomes of agriculture and rural development day and forest day, major international organisations, donors, farmers, civil society and the private sector will outline options for more integrated approaches among sustainable agriculture, forestry and climate change for food security. 

From source to sink - How to make Agriculture part of the solution to climate change while contributing to poverty alleviation?

7 December 2010

Mountain Partnership side event: Adapting to the impacts of climate change in mountain areas, innovative approaches at local and national level

Águila room, Cancun Messe

An opportunity for Mountain Partnership members to share experiences in climate change adaptation at national and local level.

9 December 2010

Mountain Partnership side event: Regional approaches for climate change adaptation in mountain areas: sharing the experience

Jaguar room, Cancun Messe The event will serve as a platform to share experiences and innovative examples of regional approaches and mechanisms to address adaptation to climate change in mountain areas (Balkans, Alps, Carpathians, Andes, HKH).

Thematic days with FAO participation

4 December 2010

Agriculture and Rural Development Day

Roundtable 5 - What scientific, technological, and methodological aspects need to be considered to advance agriculture's contribution to mitigation and adaptation? 

For the complete agenda of the Roundtable and the programme of the day, visit their:

Marketplace Theme 1
Achieving co-benefits through sustainable agriculture: 
Presentation of FAO mitigation projects in agriculture and the database carbon projects on land based sectors

Theme II 
Policies and Technologies

What are the best policy and technology options to meet the challenges of climate change and rural development?

FAo and IRRI will coordinate a session on "Adaptation and Mitigation Technologies in Rice Production: The role of Sustainable Intensification and an Ecosystem Approach to Cope with Climate Change".

4-5  December 2010

Development and Climate Days (D&C Days)

Cancun Caribe Parl Royal

During these two days presentations of the work on adaptation to climate change, and climate change as a development challenge will be made. It will also create a platform of networking opportunities; provide opportunities to disseminate relevant literature and reports and to showcase videos of community based adaptation innovative work. 


5 December 2010

Forestry Day 4

Cancun Center, Boulevard Kukulcan 

FAO will host or co-host three learning events:

  • Moving forward on the governance reform agenda: Illegal logging, corruption, and climate change 
  • Delivering the emission reductions in REDD+: Challenges for MRV 
  • Possible impacts of LULUCF decisions on temperate and boreal forests