Climate Change

UN Climate Change talks in Bonn, Germany 31 May-11 June 2010

Side events with FAO participation

1 June 2010

Wind room, Ministry of Environment

Forest degradation: Where are we and how can we move forward? (CIFOR-FAO Side Event)

Forest degradation has many variables. Even globally agreed definitions of forests have implications on reducing degradation. Improved policies to reduce degradation require relevant indicators, issues of scale and social aspects. This event will discuss solutions to enhance cross-site comparisons, and how to move forward.

03 Jun 2010

Rail room, Ministry of Transport

Developments in MRV and monitoring of mitigation actions and safeguard for REDD+

This side event organized by the UN-REDD Programme will cover remote sensing applications, monitoring systems in the Congo Basin, and monitoring governance safeguards. Investments in monitoring are intensifying as countries prepare for REDD+. The UN-REDD Programme and its partners assist countries in establishing robust and transparent MRV and monitoring systems.


04 Jun 2010

Solar room, Ministry of Environment

Demonstrating agricultural mitigation: examples from the field

A consortium of FAO, IFAD, IFAP, IFPRI the CGIAR, the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security, and the World Bank will present 3-6 case studies demonstrating field work on GHG mitigation in agriculture, including MRV issues, synergies with adaptation, and impacts on food security and livelihoods.