Changement climatique

Connect people lists the main climate change-related networks and communities of practice on agriculture. Help us understand how we can improve your experience to better achieve your goals. 

This community of practice links practitioners, national policy decision-makers, and people working in civil society organizations and the private sector aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture. Community members exchange their knowledge about the development and adoption of sustainable mitigation practices currently being used in agricultural production systems around the world, in a collective efforts to influence relevant policy areas and Increase the visibility of climate change mitigation in agriculture at a global level.

The FAO Transparency in agriculture and land use sectors network is a lively and supportive group of experts and practitioners working to fulfill the requirements of the Enhanced Transparency Framework of the Paris Agreement. Network members share their knowledge and experiences; and highlight their capacity needs and gaps in addressing transparency in the AFOLU sector. Membership is open to everyone.

On this platform you can discuss topics related to agriculture and climate change. This is a space to express your doubts, propose solutions, upload relevant information to the library and highlight upcoming events by adding them to the calendar.

Let us know about your background and interest in agriculture and climate change and tell us what you would like to learn more about. 

This community brings together people working for climate change mitigation on peatlands. They are working together to further develop the Initiative on organic soils and peatlands climate change mitigation.

This is a space to express your doubts, propose solutions, upload relevant information to the library and highlight upcoming events by adding them to the calendar.

Community members exchange information and ideas on family farming and agroecology best practices, on successful agricultural technologies and innovations, projects, lessons learned, initiatives, programmes, and public policies. The aim is to foster knowledge and information dissemination for concrete actions and policy-making in support of family farming and agroecology.

The Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism (FLRM) online communities of practices (CoPs) support Forest and Landscape Restoration (FLR) by creating communications channels across diverse networks, promoting innovation and technological support, facilitating a space for sharing experiences and inspiring examples on the ground.

The aim of the FLRM CoPs is to open a network that brings together experience and learning to a virtual space through online exchange.

This platform, open to all stakeholders, is a forum for discussing sustainable feed and livestock production systems. The group comes together to share experiences, knowledge and best practices on collectively-agreed methods developed by FAO and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

This online discussion group is part of the Nationally Determined Contributions Partnership (NDC-P).

On this platform, members can exchange and consult on challenges and experiences concerning different aspects of NDC implementation in the agricultural sector.