Climate Change


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Year: 2012

An effort is under way worldwide to better manage our planet's forest resources and better enhance their role in mitigating climate change. Forest loss and degradation in developing countries account for nearly 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Monitoring and reducing these emissions has been the key goal for the international community in climate change negotiations and is important for the upcoming Rio+20 conference on sustainable development. Viet Nam is one example of a country that's taking important steps to manage and expand its forest resources. Previous loss of forested areas has been reversed and the country is now increasing forest area by about 1% every year.

Year: 2011

In this episode, FAO Wildlife and Protected Area officer Edgar Kaeslin highlights the case of mountain gorillas in Rwanda (the original 'gorillas in the mist') who are under threat due to climate change. The film showcases one of thousands of species that are predicted to come under greater threat of extinction due to climate change according to a new report (Dec 2011) 'Wildlife in a Changing Climate' from FAO's forestry department.

Year: 2011

An FAO programme that helps local communities in Mongolia to protect their own forests is being seen as a model for action in the Asia-Pacific region. The Participatory Forest Management project has effectively stopped illegal logging and forest fires in 15 pilot districts since it began in 2007, and is set to go nationwide when the pilot program ends in January 2012.

Year: 2011

In Senegal, the Acacia project has involved the planting and managing of Acacia forests in arid lands helping combat desertification while providing life-changing benefits to local communities. With two thirds of the African continent now classified as desert or drylands and desertification affecting a quarter of the world's population, the breakthrough has the potential to transform the lives of vulnerable populations.

Year: 2011

FAO's 2011 State of the World's Forests report, published to coincide with the International Year of Forests, highlights some positive and encouraging trends. Asia and the Near East are showing an increase in forest regeneration and replanting projects. One such project in the Philippines uses an ingenious, low-cost method of forest regeneration that eliminates competition from undesirable species.

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