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Year: 2016

The team leader of the Evaluation of FAO’s contribution to Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (CCAM), Mr. Ashwin Bhouraskar, explains how FAO has contributed worldwide to address climate change. Watch the video to learn more about the evaluation main findings and recommendations. 
The FAO Deputy Director General and the Director of FAO Climate and Environment Division provide their comments and reveal that FAO is committed to create a climate change corporate strategy by the end of 2016.

The full evaluation report is available for free download at:

Year: 2016

Bangladesh, being one of the most vulnerable countries in the light of climate change, is experiencing dynamic changes in agricultural practice. The video focuses on the how the changes in the environment is shaping farmer’s attitude in and out the field. Government of Bangladesh has been taking precautionary measures by helping the farmers to cope with the issues – more particularly focused on the climate change.

Year: 2016

When Mrs Ssekide, a smallholder farmer in rural Uganda, joined the Balyejjusa farmer field school, she soon became convinced of its benefits and persuaded her husband to join too. In this video, she tells the story of their success in working as a team. In Uganda, almost 80 percent of households rely upon agriculture for their livelihood, and following her example could prove highly beneficial for the nation’s well being.

Year: 2016

Este video explica el enfoque de la agricultura climáticamente in teligente incluyendo sus objetivos y por qué es necesaria. Podemos hacer de la agricultura climáticamente inteligente una realidad. Estos son los ingredientes que necesitamos: 

·         Ampliar las evidencias

·         Mejorar las políticas

·         Ayudar y empoderar a las instituciones locales

·         Combinar opciones de financiación de una forma nueva. 


Asegurémonos que nuestra agricultura sea eficiente y sostenible para las generaciones venideras.

Year: 2016

This audio production was created through FAO’s partnership with the World Organization of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC). This radio programme by JRKDem - Samudra FM in Indonesia focuses on climate change.

Mr. Kustiwa Adinata, Secretary General of the Indonesian IPM Farmers Association (IPPHTI), talks about the impacts and efforts to adapt to climate change in the agricultural sector and coastal areas in Indonesia. Language: Bahasa.