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La Red de Transparencia
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La lista en línea de profesionales de la transparencia

Teferi Abate Adem

Based in: Ethiopia
Expertise: Mitigation actions - Vulnerability & adaptation - Gender
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Mahamat Abdoulaye Issa

Based in: Chad
Expertise: Not specified
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Abdullah Abdullah

Based in: Bangladesh
Expertise: Institutional arrangements - Greenhouse gas inventory - Gender - Other
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Rubén Abrego Santos

Based in: Panama
Expertise: REDD+
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Mutombo Adelard

Based in: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Expertise: Greenhouse gas inventory - Nationally determined contributions
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Abiodun Aderibigbe

Based in: Nigeria
Expertise: Nationally determined contributions - Vulnerability & adaptation - Finance
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Jahfar Ag Mohamedoun

Based in: Mali
Expertise: Finance - Not specified
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Astrid Aguilar

Based in: Peru
Expertise: REDD+ - Other
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Eya Sopi Kafui Ahawo

Based in: Togo
Expertise: Institutional arrangements - Mitigation actions - Vulnerability & adaptation
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Sawsan Ahmed

Based in: Sudan
Expertise: Not specified
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