Climate Change

The Koronivia roadmap

KJWA road map (click to enlarge)

The implementation and success of the KJWA depends on combined efforts from Subsidiary Bodies, Constituted Bodies as well as operating entities of the Financial Mechanism under the UNFCCC, Parties and observers, and other relevant stakeholders. Such a setup brings with it many opportunities, as it strengthens science-policy-practice linkages, with the potential to catalyze concrete action when it comes to addressing approaches to food security, the vulnerability of agriculture to climate change, and how to mitigate agriculture’s contribution to climate change.

Koronivia roadmap provides a timeline of the in-session workshops (organized by the Secretariat of the UNFCCC) and determines how the joint work will be organized. Workshops for each of the six KJWA topics will be held during the 2018-2021 SB sessions, which take place twice a year: in May/June in Bonn and in conjunction with the Conferences of Parties (COP), in November/December.

Between each session, Parties and observers have the opportunity to submit their views (UNFCCC submission portal) on how this work should take shape. They are invited to provide their views on the forthcoming workshop items through submissions. Finally, by September 2020, Parties and observers are invited to submit their views on the progress of the KJWA overall and on further topics beyond those listed in the decision. These submissions will be taken into consideration by the SBs in their report on the outcomes of the KJWA to COP 26 in 2021.

*Please note that the KJWA roadmap may change due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic