Climate Change

Strengthening Agricultural Adaptation (SAGA) global project

The SAGA global project aims to reinforce farmers’ capacity to adapt to climate change in two Francophone Least Developed Countries particularly vulnerable to its impacts: Haiti and Senegal.

Multi-actor, multi-sector, multi-scale, SAGA reinforces national adaptation planning for food security and nutrition through a holistic approach:
generating data and scientific evidence on vulnerability and adaptation options in the agriculture sectors; 2) undertaking community-based pilot interventions, including through gender and nutrition sensitive farmer field schools; 3) developing policy support tools and guidance, and feeding the scientific and practical knowledge produced into key planning policy processes; 4) capitalizing on existing climate change coordination mechanisms to facilitate dialogue across the local, national and international partners involved.

As the first ever FAO project implemented through a financial and technical partnership with the government of Quebec, SAGA is aligned with the Hand-in-Hand Initiative and answers the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Paris Agreement call for ambitious collaborative efforts. SAGA promotes practices that protect biodiversity and value ecosystem services, and recognizes the importance of building on traditional knowledge and the key role of rural women and youth in climate change adaptation planning.

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Technical Note IRD Technical Note Ouranos Case Study CECI
Case Study Carrefour Rapport Senegal 2021 Case Study CasaMiel



Harnessing the power of rain

Rainwater harvesting and agroecological irrigation make farmers more resilient in Senegal








Awa Mbodj
[email protected]

Martial Bernoux
Senior natural resources officer (OCB, FAO)
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Alessandro Spairani Programme officer
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Un partenariat technique et financier avec le gouvernement du Québec

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Du désert au Jardin Intégré de la Résilience (17/11/2020)

From founders to partners, Quebec and FAO join forces to enhance food security in Senegal and Haiti (16/10/2020)

Désormais productrice et facilitatrice (12/10/2020)

Joining forces to fight climate change in Senegal: the SAGA has begun (27/09/2019)

Lancement du projet «Sécurité Alimentaire: une Agriculture adaptée (SAGA-Sénégal)»

Renforcer la capacité d’adaptation des secteurs agricoles face au changement climatique pour la sécurité alimentaire et la nutrition au Sénégal

Senegal preparing for new project tackling climate change, food security and nutrition (27/11/2018)



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