Climate Change

Rehabilitation and watershed management in El Salvador

To help rural families cope with losses as a result of natural disasters, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, with the technical support of FAO and the support of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation implemented a 5 year project. Through the sustainable management of natural resources, communities were able to adapt to the impacts of climate change on their livelihoods through: 

  • Rehabilitation of productive systems. For example soil and water conservation practices;

  • Extension methodologies;

  • Capacity building. For example the introduction of an incentive fund to support activities related to agricultural production, pilot schemes and training;

  • Rehabilitation of environmental systems. 

Project area: 

3000 small-holder farming families in municipalities of Ahuachapán with an average of 1 ha of land. The main activity is the cultivation of staple grain crops, women work on 17.4% of these areas, showing an evident gender gap in terms of land tenure.