Climate Change

Guatemala - Strengthening Environmental Governance in the Dry Corridor

2008-2012. Guatemala is highly vulnerable to climate change exacerbated by high poverty rates and poor environmental management. After hurricane Stan, the Ministry of Agriculture calculated more than $50 million in damages. Over sixty thousand hectares were severely damaged. Today 48% of Guatemala’s territory is under threat from severe drought. In a country where about 40% of the population live on $1 a day, the impact of climate change on natural resources can be disastrous.

The adequate management of water resources was identified as a key feature in the adaptation to climate change. The Joint Program for Guatemala had three main goals:

1. Institutionalization of mechanisms facilitating the coordination and implementation of national territorial policies;

2. Institutionalization of the financial and administrative mechanisms for improving the correct management of natural resources. In particular, the management of the quantity and efficiency of water resources and other environmental services;

3. Development of Demonstrating Interventions regarding the adequate management of water resources within municipal associations.