Strengthening capacity for climate change adaptation in agriculture: Experience and Lessons Learned from Lesotho
This paper provides an overview of what climate change will mean to subsistence and smallholder farmers in Lesotho, and how the capacity
for climate change adaptation in agriculture can be strengthened, focusing on selected areas of crops, livestock and forest-based livelihood systems, to stabilize and improve yields. We draw on experiences and lessons learned from a pilot FAO/Government of Lesotho project, and make recommendations as to how on-the-ground community-based responses could be scaled up to other parts ofthe country, and possibly to other vulnerable countries across southern Africa. 


Baseline Report on climate-related risks, local vulnerabilities and perception and coping strategies in three sub-catchments of Lesotho
The purpose of this study is to provide baseline "status quo" data for three sub-catchments within Lesotho, two in the Southern Lowlands and one in the Mountains, situated in what have been identified as the most climatically stressful and vulnerable parts of the country. The report assesses both current climate-related vulnerabilities and coping strategies of communities at household level, as well as priority adaptation practices, some of which are already partially implemented by some community members (autonomous adaptation), and some of which require new interventions and external support.


Technical Report on Climate Change Impacts, Risks and Vulnerabilities on Food Security and Livelihoods in the Lowlands and Mountains
The goal of this study is to assess the climate change-related impacts and vulnerabilities on crop, livestock and forest-based livelihood systems in the drier Southern Lowlands and the Mountains Livelihood zones. For this, a literature review was conducted, including previous climate change assessments to interrogate on available data sources and investigate the most up-to-date climate change scenarios and develop key scenarios. The report concludes with some recommendations.


last updated:  Thursday, September 13, 2012