Economía e innovaciones políticas para una agricultura climáticamente inteligente
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Taller inicial del proyecto en Zambia

Lusaka, 9-11 January 2013


Opening speech, Ms Faray Constance B. Zimudzi (FAO Representative a.i.)

The Climate-Smart Agriculture project, A. Cattaneo and A. Arslan (FAO)

CSA Implementation and Coordination: the case of Malawi, M. Katchulu (FAO)

Capacity building activities in Climate-Smart Agriculture, M. Mwala and K. Munyinda, University of Zambia

Climate risk and vulnerability in the context of building socio-ecological resilience and adaptation
S. Sokotela, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL), Zambia

CSA Project: next steps and logframe, A. Cattaneo (FAO)

EPIC workshops

  • Participatory scenario building
    14-16 Oct 2013, Zambia
    28-30 Oct 2013, Malawi
    5-7 Nov 2013, Vietnam
  • Policy harmonization
    14-20 August 2013
    Zambia, Malawi
  • Technical consultation
    21-24 May 2013
    Rome, Italy
  • Inception workshop
    9-11 January 2013
    Lusaka, Zambia
  • Inception workshop
    17-18 December 2012
    Hanoi, Viet Nam
  • Inception workshop
    10-12 July 2012
    Salima, Malawi