Region: Near East and North Africa

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Eliminating food insecurity and malnutrition are persistent challenges in the Near East and North Africa. The structural dependence of its countries on food imports, make the region highly vulnerable to shocks, increasing the inability of entire communities to feed themselves.

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Recent conflicts and civil instability in many countries in the region have also compounded the situation. As a result, hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition are widespread and require comprehensive and urgent intervention.

FAO is helping governments face these challenges by improving the capacity of countries to collect, produce and analyse data for policy formulation. This is done by strengthening their commitment and accountability and by coordinating efforts for joint action. FAO also provides direct support to improve the livelihoods of millions of small farmers and rural communities, especially in countries undergoing conflict, where the Organization helps farmers and their families recover from crises.

FAO invites engagement with the private sector for knowledge-sharing and to support new technologies and innovations that will help create sustainable and inclusive growth in the region’s agricultural sectors, and to jointly address some of the region’s key challenges.

Private sector from the region

Private sector entities already engaged with FAO from the Near East and North Africa region include:  


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