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FAO partnered with DreamWorks Animation LLC, the United Nations Creative Community Outreach Initiative and the UN Foundation to mark the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables with a digital campaign using the positive, colorful Trolls characters. #TrollsFoodHeroes encouraged children to “be a food hero like the Trolls” and “eat more fruits and vegetables”, “eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables” and “don't waste fruits and vegetables”. [26 Nov 2021 – 28 Feb 2022]
Geographic focusGlobal Global or Regional
Thematic areaNutrition - Environment - Life
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FAO and EcorNaturaSì aim to develop and promote joint actions which have the potential to improve the livelihoods of populations living in rural areas and fragile ecosystems, such as mountains and islands landscapes. Both organizations work to ensure more inclusive food and agriculture systems at local, national and international levels, to reduce food loss and food waste, and to improve value chains and market access for small-scale producers, conservation and use of biodiversity, and animal welfare.
Geographic focusGlobal - Europe and Central Asia Global or Regional
Thematic areaProduction - Nutrition - Environment
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FAO and Euglena intend to explore joint work in the areas of: i) improving nutrition, food safety and quality; and ii) intensification and diversification of agriculture production in a sustainable manner in the Asia and Pacific region. In particular, the collaboration intends to provide nutrition traning and enhance knowledge and awareness on nutrition, food safety and food quality to smallholder farmers and vulnerable populations, including pregnant and lactaating women, school children and eldery, and inter alia, enhance knowlegde and skills on  innovation and technology for more productive, sustainable and nutrtition-sensitive agriculture.
Geographic focusAsia and the Pacific Bangladesh
Thematic areaProduction - Nutrition
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This partnership aims support the welfare of farm households and create positive dynamics and opportunities for economic growth. The cooperation will support promote the sustainable mechanization efforts in rural areas and encourage stakeholders to contribute to and participate in relevant meetings on agricultural mechanization under the global umbrella of the AgriEvolution Alliance.
Geographic focusAfrica - Europe and Central Asia Global or Regional
Thematic areaProduction
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This partnership aims to strengthen management models of wholesale markets in the Latin American region by developing and disseminating good practices in the areas of inclusive trade and reduction of food loss and waste. FLAMA and FAO will work together to achieve food and nutrition security and promote sustainable production of agricultural goods, services and social supply systems for Latin America and the Caribbean countries.
Geographic focusLatin America and the Caribbean Global or Regional - Brazil
Thematic areaProduction - Nutrition
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