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From basic hand tools to sophisticated motorized equipment, mechanization covers all levels of farming and processing technologies. Where it is adopted, it can offer a range of benefits, helping to reduce hard labor, relieve labor shortages, improve productivity and efficient use of resources, enhance market access and mitigate climate related hazards. It can be a game changer for farm work – and a key component in developing sustainable agrifood systems. The production and distribution of machinery and equipment for agricultural development, and innovations in this area, are driven by the private sector, and require substantial investment. To make mechanization truly sustainable...
European Agricultural Machinery Industry Association (CEMA)
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On the edge of the Caribbean Sea is an autonomous, Indigenous Peoples’ territory in Panama which has been inhabited by the Guna people for centuries. It winds its way around the gulf of the same name and includes an archipelago of around 300 islands. Within this territory is Naranjo Grande, a coastal town where the sea represents food, work and life itself. This is where Luisa Lopez Hurtado has lived all her life. A member of the Guna Indigenous People, she has fished with her family off of Panama’s eastern coast for as long as she can remember. “I grew up by...
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Every day, milk and dairy products provide essential nourishment to billions of people worldwide. From young children to older adults, milk can contribute to healthy and active lives. Thanks to its nutrient-rich composition milk is the third biggest supplier of protein and the fifth largest provider of energy, improving global nutrition and strengthening human health.  The challenges faced by agrifood systems today are major. Producing more food to feed a growing population is only part of the picture. The real need is to ensure access to essential and adequate nutrients for everyone. With between 720 and 811 million people suffering from...
Global Dairy Platform (GDP)
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Azersun Holding have signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of cooperation in the field of agricultural production and value chain development, eco-agriculture, environmental protection, and agrarian advisory services. This Memorandum envisages learning new approaches, technologies and innovations that will help to ensure effective use of natural resources and adaptation to climate changes in order to transform to more efficient, inclusive, and sustainable agri-food systems in Azerbaijan. Achievement of common objectives in the field of agriculture and environmental protection, as well as more active involvement of the private sector in...
Azersun Holding
Azerbaijan - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Agrarco LLC have signed an “Implementation Agreement” on cooperation and coordination of activities within the project " Catalyzing the Efficiency and Sustainability of Azerbaijan’s Hazelnut Sector – HAZER" Project. The project examines the approach to obtaining sustainable bioenergy in hazelnuts along the value chain, and the causes of aflatoxin during production and processing. Within the framework of the cooperation, activities are planned to apply best practices in these processes and increase the capacity of farmers engaged in this field. The event was attended by the management and specialists of...
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