To report suspected fraud and corruption

Please report to the Office of the Inspector General (Investigations) (OIG/INV) any instance of suspected fraud and corruption including:

  • Unlawful acts related to FAO activities (for example theft, fraud, embezzlement, solicitation/acceptance of bribes or kickbacks, extortion);
  • Misrepresentation, forgery, or false certification in connection with any official business;
  • Fraud committed to obtain undue financial benefits or entitlements (e.g. fraudulent claims for rental subsidy, education grant, travel, medical insurance);
  • Fraud, favoritism, disclosure of confidential bidding information, or misconduct related to contract bids, performance of contract obligations or evaluation;
  • Retaliation as defined under the Whistleblower Protection Policy;
  • Staff violations of the Standards of Conduct for International Civil Servants
  • Complaints of workplace harassment pursuant to the Policy on the Prevention of Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Abuse of Authority

Offenses that should not be reported to this office include:

  • Complaints arising from working conditions or from an administrative measure or decision.

The more specific the information you provide, the better OIG/INV is able to follow up on your allegation. Please provide as much detail as possible, including the basic information of your allegation --who, what, where, when and how— as well as details such as supporting documents and the names of witnesses if available.

Remember to please let us know how you can be reached for further information or clarification

For more information regarding your options for remaining anonymous, as well as OIG/INV’s mandate on confidentiality, please refer to OIG/INV’s Guidelines for internal administrative investigations or OIG/INV webpage

Persons who have reported misconduct against FAO personnel and  feel that they have been threatened or subject to retaliatory actions can make a report pursuant to the FAO Whistleblower protection policy. To make a report of alleged retaliation, please contact the FAO Ethics Office at [email protected]. The FAO Ethics Office may also be reached at [email protected] or +39 06570 53800.