Agri-food: Combining tradition and innovation

Agricultural system

The agrifood sector is France’s leading industry. It is essential to the vitality of the country’s regions, combining tradition with high technology. With deep roots in the diversity of its local areas, it is today one of the most competitive and safest industries of its kind in the world.

Its core task is to feed an ever-more crowded planet and to meet the population’s demand for quality, using sustainable and resilient food systems to confront global risks such as climate change.

France’s agrifood sector is committed to an environmental, social, sanitary and nutritional approach serving all consumers.

Innovation is central to the agricultural and agrifood sectors. Not only does innovation generate development, attractive careers and competitive performance, but it also fosters the emergence of ground-breaking products that fulfil consumer expectations. Agrifood manufacturers have taken the digital transition on board, which is of major importance for meeting the demands of consumers.

France is an important player in the world’s agricultural and agrifood trade and a contributor to world food security. It ranks in 6th place as a global exporter of agricultural and agrifood products, and in 4th place as a global exporter of processed agrifoods.