French people and its diet


Good eating is important for us all. The French National Food Programme is a unique public policy that simultaneously highlights the value of products and culinary expertise, fosters gastronomic tourism across the country, promotes the French food model abroad, seeks to ensure that food can be obtained by all, and hands down those values to the younger generations. To achieve all this, the National Food Programme makes use of calls for national project proposals to stimulate and co-fund projects from local areas.

France, through the National Pact to Combat Food Waste from 2017-2020, has committed itself to halving food waste by 2025. Actions are being carried out at different levels: communication for the general public to develop responsible purchasing, consumption and conservation practices; agreements between distributors and food aid associations to recycle unsold products or redistribute surpluses from the collective catering sector (Excellents excédents); mobile phone applications to encourage agricultural donation (Solidarity between agricultural producers and food chains (Solaal) and food donation between individuals (hop hop food). 

In 2010, UNESCO added the gastronomic meal of the French to the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The aim of this list is to protect cultural practices and traditional expertise in the same way that cultural sites and monuments are protected. And it is in fact the case that the French have always had a special relationship with their food.

Pacte national contre le gaspillage alimentaire pdf