Sakon Dhavapi Hang Golden Aromatic Rice

Hang Rice is a brown rice made from two famous Thai rice varieties: Hom Mali 105 and glutinous RD6. Based on their local wisdom, farmers in the Northeastern part of Thailand cook immature rice by soaking, steaming, drying, and milling. Without a whitening process, the vitamins in Hang rice are still fully intact, making it more nutritious than the typical white rice most people usually consume.

Sakon Dhavapi Hang Golden Aromatic Rice originated in Sakon Nakorn Province is softer and more aromatic than others because of the fertile soil, favorable climate, enriched microorganisms and water flowing from Phu Phan Mountain. The rice production is also chemical-free. Only organic fertilizer is used in the field. Sakon Dhavapi Hang Golden Aromatic Rice was registered as a Geographical Indication (GI) product in 2006.

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