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Country Leaflet

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SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/SYR/3901/C1 Technical Support to the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform to develop a strategy for sustainable and inclusive agrifood system transformation in Syria 2023 2025100,000$
TCP/SYR/3902 Technical support to the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform to Strengthen the national multi-hazards early warning systems for risks arising from climate change 2023 2025300,000$
TCP/SYR/3903 Emergency agricultural support to the most vulnerable smallholder farming households affected by earthquake in Lattakia, Syria 2023 2024500,000$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
OSRO/SYR/042/CHA Emergency support to the vulnerable livestock keepers for winter preparedness in the south of Syria (Rural Damascus, Quneitra, As-Sweida and Daraa) 2024 20241,275,000$
OSRO/SYR/037/RUS Integrated support to build resilience and restore livelihoods of earthquake-affected population, returnees and host communities in Aleppo, Hama and Idleb 2023 20267,874,765$
OSRO/SYR/031/ITA Reviving agricultural related livelihood for vulnerable small-scale farmers in the Al Ghab area through integrated and sustained control and management of water hyacinth 2023 20251,090,512$
OSRO/SYR/032/JCA Supporting research study and water resources monitoring systems in Syria 2023 2024550,000$
OSRO/SYR/033/NOR Emergency support for the earthquake affected farmers in Syria (Hama) 2023 20242,500,000$
OSRO/SYR/039/CHA Emergency support to the earthquake affected farmers in Lattakia through irrigation systems restoration 2023 2024300,000$
UNFA/SYR/026/UND UN partnership project for enhancing food security and livelihoods in North-eastern Area of Syria 2021 20241,500,000$
GCP /SYR/030/UK Building Local Resilience in Syria 2022 202518,888,242$
UNJP/SYR/038/UNJ UN Joint Programme to Strengthen Urban and Rural Resilience and the Conditions for Recovery in Syria 2023 2024344,000$
UNJP/SYR/028/UNH Increasing the climate change resilience of communities in Eastern Ghouta in Rural Damascus to water scarcity challenges through integrated natural resource management and immediate adaptation interventions 2021 20252,332,000$