Country Leaflet

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SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/LES/3901 Strengthening local food systems in support of rural livelihoods 2022 2024401,000$
TCP/LES/3803 Comprehensive study on drivers and determinats of malnutrition 2022 2023156,000$
TCP/LES/3802 AgrInvest Lesotho: Catalyzing Investment for Transformative Agricultural Value Chain Development in Lesotho 2021 2023404,000$
TCP/LES/3801 Building capacities and facilitating enabling environment for contract farming in Lesotho 2020 2023200,000$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
UTF /LES/058/LES Emergency Livelihood Support and Resilience Building among Food Insecure households affected by Floods 2022 20245,000,000$
UTF /LES/055/LES Special Programme for Food Security in Response to the Impacts of COVID 19 in Lesotho 2020 20225,000,000$
GCP /LES/056/GCR Resilient Recovery Rapid Readiness Support in Lesotho 2021 2023276,498$
GCP /LES/052/GER Land Cover Data for Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) in Lesotho 2021 20221,591,878$
GCP /LES/802P/LDF Building climate resilient livelihoods and food systems (PPG) 2021 2022200,000$