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Country Leaflet

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SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/GAM/3905/C3 TCPF: Enhanced oyster processing for improved market access 2024 202562,000$
TCP/GAM/3903 Capacity Building for Preparation and Implementation of the National Forest Assessment of The Gambia 2023 2025345,000$
TCP/GAM/3904 Hand-in-Hand Initiative: Supporting food systems transformation through informed planning 2023 2025360,000$
TCP/GAM/3902/C2 TCPF: Diagnosis, surveillance and management of onion bulb rot in The Gambia 2022 202479,000$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
OSRO/GAM/050/UK Emergency Assistance to Build Resilience against HPAI in The Gambia 2023 2024156,250$
UTF /GAM/047/GAM Geospatial Technical Assistance (GTA) to IFAD`s project: Resilience of Organizations for Transformat 2023 2024180,000$
GCP /GAM/044/GCF Climate Resilient Fishery Initiatives for Livelihood Improvement 2022 202817,200,000$
GCP /GAM/033/LDF Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change in The Gambia (FSP) 2017 20246,288,356$
UNJP/GAM/051/PBF Empowering Communities in The Gambia to prevent, mitigate and resolve land related conflicts exacerbated by climate change 2024 20271,400,000$
UNFA/GAM/049/UND Enhanced Vegetable Production and Processing Project for Rural Women and Youth in The Gambia 2023 2025954,916$
UNJP/GAM/046/PBF Supporting cross-border cooperation for increased community resilience and social cohesion in The Gambia and Senegal 2021 20241,000,000$