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Country Leaflet

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SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/LEB/3904 Supporting national capacities to enhance the containment and mngmt measures for Xylella fastidiosa 2024 2025408,000$
TCP/LEB/3903 Phase II of Assessment for replacement of illegal fishing gears in Lebanon (Phase II of TCP/LEB/3703) 2023 2025200,000$
TCP/LEB/3901/C1 TCP Facility - Preparation of concept notes and fully-fledged proposals based on Lebanon Agriculture Recovery Plan (LARP). 2022 2024100,000$
TCP/LEB/3902 Emergency support to vulnerable smallholder farming households affected by the ongoing economic crisis in Lebanon 2022 2024500,000$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
OSRO/LEB/200/ROK Enhancing the Resilience of Vulnerable Refugees and Host Communities 2023 2025600,000$
OSRO/LEB/042/JPN Enhance national food security and support sustainable food systems by increasing the resilience of Lebanon`s wheat value chain 2023 2024740,740$
OSRO/LEB/104/DEN Promotion of Agricultural Livelihoods and Employment through Land Reclamation and Water reservoirs 2022 20264,700,000$
GCP /LEB/043/CAN Enhancing Food and Nutrition Security in Lebanon 2023 202814,462,287$
GCP /LEB/045/SWI-F Enhancing resilience of Lebanon`s Water and Food System (Entry phase) 2023 2024198,484$
GCP /LEB/036/CAN Strengthening the resilience of vulnerable smallholder farm families affected by the economic crisis and COVID-19 pandemic 2021 20253,671,044$
GCP /LEB/033/NOR Rehabilitation and waste management of El-Bared Canal Irrigation System 2020 20242,260,538$
UNJP/LEB/041/EC Contributing to Food Security for refugees and host communities living in Lebanon 2023 20268,487,134$