Country Leaflet

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TCP/SIL/3804 Enhance the fisheries and aquaculture policy framework in Sierra Leone 2021 20230$
TCP/SIL/3807 Strengthening of the Seed Certification and Regulatory Agency in in Sierra Leone 2021 20230$
TCP/SIL/3803 Strengthening of the Pest and Pesticide Regulatory System in Sierra Leone 2021 20220$
TCP/SIL/3805/C1 TCPF: Complementary Action to support post-harvest loss management and marketing of commercial vegetable production affected by Covid-19 pandemic in Sierra Leone 2021 20220$
TCP/SIL/3806 Support to Sierra Leone for Review of Cattle Settlement Policy, Protection of Livelihood Assets through Livestock Vaccination and improving Food Security during COVID-19 Pandemic 2021 20220$
TCP/SIL/3801 Development of Sierra Leone National Irrigation Master Plan 2020 20220$
TCP/SIL/3802 Development of Sierra Leone Mechanization Policy 2020 20220$
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UNJP/SIL/052/PBF Empowering youth at risk as resources for sustaining peace and community resilience in Tonkolili and Kenema districts in Sierra Leone 2020 20220$