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SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
TCP/CMB/3903 Technical assistance to the second national Cambodia agriculture census 2023 2025288,000$
TCP/CMB/3904 Unlocking opportunities for agriculture and forestry sectors development and transformation 2023 2025403,000$
TCP/CMB/3901/C1 TCPF: Support to biosecure live bird markets for sustainable and healthy food, environment, and people 2023 202495,000$
TCP/CMB/3902 Improved policy frameworks to support food system sustainability and safety 2023 2024302,000$
TCP/CMB/3804 Support to strengthen the seed management system 2022 2023241,000$
SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
OSRO/CMB/001/USA Technical animal health assistance to address zoonotic diseases and health threats in Cambodia 2020 2023980,000$
GCP /CMB/044/GCF Public-Social-Private Partnerships for Ecologically-Sound Agriculture and Resilient Livelihood in Northern Tonle Sap Basin (PEARL) 2023 202936,231,981$
GCP /CMB/045/LDF Promoting Climate-Resilient Livelihoods in Rice-Based Communities in the Tonle Sap Region (FSP) 2022 20278,932,420$
GCP /CMB/052/SWI-F Formulation Funding for Community-led Action for Sustainable Forests (CASFor) 2022 2023177,697$
GCP /CMB/037/LDF Climate Adaptation and Resilience in Cambodia`s Coastal Fishery Dependent Communities (FSP) 2021 20254,350,000$
GCP /CMB/043/EC FAO Complementary Support to the Cambodia Programme for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in the Fisheries Sector: Capture component (CAPFISH Capture) 2019 202418,961,798$
UNJP/CMB/049/WFP Technical assistance to producers and suppliers on enhancing production capacity to engage with HGSF 2021 2024443,891$
UNJP/CMB/048/UNJ Enhancing Governance and Coordination Mechanisms to Reduce Antimicrobial Resistance in Cambodia 2021 2023275,147$