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TCP/SEY/3801 Assistance on resilience building and sustaining livelihoods of small farmers in the post-COVID 19 era in the Seychelles 2021 2023122,000$
TCP/SEY/3802 Phase II of TCP/SEY/3603: Capacity Building for Preparation and Implementation of the National Forest Inventory of Seychelles 2021 2023267,000$
TCP/SEY/3803 Support to smallholder farmers to upgrade agriculture and to deal with imports of pork and broiler poultry in the Seychelles 2021 2023172,000$
TCP/SEY/3804 Inventory and disposal of obsolete pesticides and empty pesticides containers in the Seychelles 2021 2023115,000$
TCP/SEY/3805 Support for business development and investment opportunities in fisheries 2021 2023252,000$
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